We believe that comfortable and continuous monitoring of key bio-functions will provide revolutionary insights into human health and well being.


VivaLnk, Inc. is a Silicon Valley Telehealth start-up founded in 2014. eSkin™ is a registered VivaLnk trademark.

eSkin™ is able to seamlessly deliver biometric data precisely and instantaneously without compromising comfort. The potential for this technology is limitless and its ease of integration has already drawn much attention from other corporate partners.

eSkin™ technology was first introduced in 2014 with the eSkin™ Tattoo with Google as its first customer. eSkin™ is a flexible breathable electronic substrate that is comfortable to wear yet durable enough for long term use. eSkin™ represents the future of accurate, affordable and wireless health monitoring with any smart device. VivaLnk’s eSkin™ technology is core to its family of products including VivaBear, Fever Scout and Vital Scout.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create the world's best health care and wellness IoT solutions.

What We Offer

We offer to license our technology to interested partners, so they may pursue non-competing applications using our flexible electronic technology and continue to improve the way we care for the wellbeing of ourselves and others.

The ability to monitor vital signs allows exponential increase in data accuracy for only a fraction of the cost. It also provides supporting healthcare services, such as alerting potential health issues through continuous remote temperature monitoring, or improving athletic performance through heart rate monitoring.








Our Team

VivaLnk delivers comfortable wireless electronic patches that brings users continuous health monitoring and information with effortless grace.

The VivaLnk Team

Kurt Pfluger

VP of Sales and Marketing

4 time entrepreneur specializing in commercializing breakthrough technologies. Formerly of IN Electronics, Apogee Power, 4DS and PartMiner.

Jiang Li


Passionate and experienced entrepreneur in bringing innovative technology and products into market. Held various senior management positions in both large high tech organizations and startup companies.

Cecilia Xi

VP of Medical Affairs

Experience in strategically leading class II and III medical device preclinical/clinical studies, market research, VOC, new technology evaluation, system architecture and design from concept to post-submission.

Kevin Wang

VP of Software Engineering

Years of software engineering experience at Amazon, Cisco, and Silicon Valley startups. Specialized in designing and delivering end-to-end solutions in cloud/mobile/IoT space with the myriad of cutting-edge technologies.

Quoi Huynh

VP of Operations

Effective leader of large international teams in product development and production ramp. Formerly with Skyworks Solutions Inc., Exar Corp. and Microchip Technology.

Our Advisors

Jeffrey Olgin, MD - Prof. & Chief of Cardiology, UCSF

Dr. Jeffrey Olgin, a cardiologist and electrophysiologist, is Chief of the Division of Cardiology, and co-director of the UCSF Heart and Vascular Center. His main clinical interests include conduction disorders, arrhythmias, catheter ablation, implantable devices—pacemakers and defibrillators, atrial fibrillation, atrial flutter, ventricular tachycardia, sudden death and supraventricular tachycardia.

Vernon D. Smith, MD

Doctor Vernon Smith is board certified, specializing in Emergency Medicine. He has 13 years experience and graduated from Wake Forest University. Doctor Smith is a published author, having articles in peer reviewed journals.

Dirk Schapeler - Director Digital Health, Bayer Healthcare

Dirk Schapeler is Director Digital Health and an Intrapreneur with Bayer AG, the $55 billion global conglomerate, developing an Innovation Hub within Bayer HealthCare in Silicon Valley. He previously served as the CEO of Bayer's ViviTouch subsidiary Artificial Muscle Inc. in Sunnyvale. Dirk is passionate about innovation and technology, and their emerging role in digital health. Key areas of interest include: remote patient monitoring, Big Data, vital signs monitoring, visualisation and other medical related innovations. Dirk has brought innovative technologies from very early-stage to high-volume commercial products. Dirk is the co-inventor on numerous patents. He holds graduate degrees in Electronics and Mechanics, together with business training.

Daisy Lu - Big Data Systems Leader

Daisy Lu, is a seasoned big data systems leader that believes in the value of data-driven decisions and drive business value through data platforms. Passionate about big data platforms, data applications, data warehouse, Business Intelligence, Business Analytics, Predictive Analytics, strong of diverse technology experience from end to end, including system design, system architecture, system management, systems integration, data modeling, applications development, database administration, data processing and machine learning. Worked as a technology leader at Yahoo, Alibaba, ShanDa Interactive Entertainment, LinkedIn for past 15+ years in Silicon Valley.

Yanlin Wang- Vice President of Engineering at Centrify

Yanlin is the Vice President of Engineering at Centrify, where he is responsible for driving big data analytics technology and product development. Yanlin has more than 20 years experience in software engineering. Prior to Centrify, Wang served as vice president of engineering at Kidaptive and director of engineering at PaySimple. Mr. Wang was also Lead Architect at ArcSight and Master Techologists at HP. He holds a Bachelors of Science in Information Science and Engineering from Southeast University, China.