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Electronic Patch Provides Highly Accurate Heart and Stress Readings; Enables Consumers to Take Charge of Their Health

SANTA CLARA, CA--(Marketwired - January 04, 2016) - VivaLnk, the leader in wearable telehealth devices, today announced Vital Scout, a Band-Aid sized wearable patch that simplifies how consumers monitor their physical and mental health. The patch uses multiple sensors including electrocardiogram (ECG) measurement to continuously monitor heart rate and other critical body functions, which consumers can track in real-time via their smartphone or tablet. VivaLnk will be demonstrating its family of digital health products, including Vital Scout and Fever Scout, at CES booth #74254 January 6-9, 2016 in Las Vegas.

According to a recent survey by Havas Worldwide, nearly half, or 45 percent, of U.S. consumers favor digital devices that monitor "every aspect" of their physical health. Globally, that number rises to seven in 10, indicating growing acceptance for such wearables and apps. Yet, accuracy is an issue with fitness bands, which studies show have an error rate of 15 to 30%. Unlike wrist-worn trackers, which use optical sensors to monitor activity, Vital Scout uses ECG, which provides better than 90% accuracy in measuring heart rate/variability and stress levels.

"When it comes to consumer health, and understanding what's happening with our bodies, accuracy is vital," said Jiang Li, CEO of VivaLnk. "Whether an individual has a high-stress job, a health issue he wants to monitor, or he's just being proactive, Vital Scout provides a true, real-time assessment of stress levels, sleep, exercise and recovery -- letting consumers take charge of their health."

The Vital Scout patch, made with VivaLnk's patented eSkin technology, is a flexible, breathable electronic circuit that uses multiple sensors to continuously monitor critical body functions. The non-invasive, water-resistant patch looks like a Band-Aid, and is attached on the chest with medical-grade adhesives, where it can be worn for 72 hours before recharging its battery.

The patch provides comprehensive monitoring, with little effort. Vital Scout continuously tracks heart rate and heart variability, respiration rate, stress levels and stress recovery, sleep status and activity/training, all the while transmitting reports to the user's iOS or Android device via Bluetooth wireless technology. Users can also set alerts on the accompanying Vital Scout app to notify them when stress levels are high, so they can take action to improve their health.

Vital Scout is VivaLnk's second digital health product based on eSkin™ technology. Fever Scout, a wearable patch that monitors body temperature, was introduced in early 2015, and is now accepting pre-orders at Vital Scout will be available in mid-2016.

SANTA CLARA, CA--(Marketwired - October 27, 2015) - VivaLnk is launching a preorder campaign for its Fever Scout wearable fever monitor. When your kid is sick it's difficult to take their temperature frequently. Fever Scout is a soft wearable patch that continuously monitors body temperature and sends alerts to your smartphone for actionable response.

Fever Scout is the creation of VivaLnk, a Silicon Valley Company that developed eSkin™, a thin, soft, wearable electronic patch. The Company has implemented its temperature sensing eSkin™ in the Fever Scout product. If the temp goes out of range, an alert will be sent to your smartphone where you may take action such as administering anti-fever medication. The app also lets you see a temperature history to chart improvement and see the effectiveness of anti-fever treatments.

Fever Scout's app works on Apple iOS with Android for release Spring 2016. The product is available for preorder at for $59 + tax and will ship early 2016. The product comes with a rechargeable patch, charging dock, ten adhesives and the app. Additional adhesives will be available for sale on the

The patch can be worn safely under the arm and comes with the highest quality breathable medical grade adhesives. User will typically wear the patch for 1-2 days. After its use the patch should be placed on its USB charging station. The patch will fully charge in approximately two hours and operate continuously for about one week.

VivaLnk's CEO, Jiang Li had a personal experience monitoring his young son's fever. He saw that monitoring his temperature continuously could not only keep him informed of his child's health, but also helped him treat the boy's fever. "When I saw that I could address my son's fever as it happened, it gave me comfort and peace of mind. As parents, we value our kids' health, Fever Scout is a great tool when illness sets in."

VivaLnk, Inc. is a Silicon Valley technology company developing integrated solutions with its ultra-thin and flexible eSkin™ technology platform which includes wearable sensors, apps and data cloud services. Last year the Company released its eSkin™ Tattoo, a wearable wireless device which is being used for event admissions and cashless payments.

VivaLnk, Inc. announced today that it will be demonstrating a new innovation, eSkin™ Thermometer, that will transform the way you measure and monitor your body temperature at the 2015 International Consumer Electronics (CES) Show in Las Vegas. VivaLnk’s breakthrough eSkinTM technology enables complex electronic circuitry with embedded tiny sensors on a thin flexible material to adhere comfortably to your skin. Using an NFC chip solution from NXP Semiconductors, together with state-of-the-art temperature sensing technology, this electronic patch makes highly accurate temperature measurements without requiring a battery. “VivaLnk’s eSkinTM technology has placed NXP’s technology adoption into new and exciting applications,” emphasized Victor Vega, Director, NFC/RFID Solutions at NXP Semiconductors. Leveraging this extraordinary form factor, the engineering team at VivaLnk created an easy-to-use, function-rich smart thermometer for parents to measure and monitor fevers of young children.

The eSkin™ Thermometer patch works with a smartphone to provide a range of smart feature possibilities. The initial product release will include the ability to record and track fevers, simplifying the illness monitoring process. eSkin™ Thermometer is extremely easy to use and takes an accurate body temperature reading in less than three seconds. The smart functionalities of eSkin™ Thermometer meets the expectation of technology savvy adults, and the thermometer patch is designed to be attractive for young children. Since the patch looks and feels like a kids’ sticker, similar to a Band-Aid, it alleviates the fear and anxiety associated with taking their temperature.

VivaLnk is in the process of completing the initial product design. A limited amount of samples will be available for interested partners in January, 2015. Stay informed of the latest development of this and other VivaLnk innovations by subscripting to our newsletter at

VivaLnk, Inc. is a Silicon Valley technology company developing integrated solutions with its ultra-thin and flexible eSkin™ wearable technology platform. The Company works with commercial partners to implement the technology as required for different applications.

VivaLnk, Inc., a Silicon Valley technology company has announced the world’s first commercial eSkin(TM) electronics product, Digital Tattoo, developed with Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) group. ATAP is a small, agile skunkworks team within Google. The nickel sized, paper thin adhesive Digital Tattoo is worn on the wrist. Vivalnk’s Digital Tattoo works on Motorola’s Moto X smartphone and the VivaLnk team is looking to expand to other devices and future versions of Android. When worn by the smartphone user, Digital Tattoo provides electronic authentication to unlock the phone for use and make logging into your device fast, easy and secure. They last for 5 days and work anywhere, anytime.

VivaLnk (pronounced:Veeva-Link) has developed eSkin(TM) technology where electronics, in an ultra-thin and flexible material, communicate with a user’s smartphone wirelessly. Digital Tattoo is a disposable product and can be worn for approximately 5 days at a time and then replaced with another Digital Tattoo. VivaLnk’s Program Manager, Brandon Barbello, said the Company has begun selling Digital Tattoo ten-packs through its website,, for $9.99.

After setting up Moto X, you will separately activate a Digital Tattoo. Simply tap the back of Moto X to your Digital Tattoo and follow the onscreen instructions. For the first activation, you will be prompted to re-enter your existing PIN and to set a master PIN. For the remaining activations of the same tattoo you pair the tattoo and tap to activate.

Digital Tattoo is a simple application of eSkin(TM) technology, but it is the first commercialized product of its kind. VivaLnk anticipates other products utilizing eSkin(TM) technology in health care, security, entertainment, and numerous other fields.

About VivaLnk, Inc. VivaLnk, Inc. is a Silicon Valley technology company developing integrated solutions with its ultra-thin and flexible eSkin(TM) wearable technology platform. The Company works with commercial partners to implement the technology as required for different applications.

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