Our eSkin Technology

eSkin technology is the culmination of over a decade of research and development. It is essentially a printed circuit board with sensors on a substrate that is thin, flexible, breathable and very comfortable to wear.




Our Platform

By combining our eSkin hardware and cloud data platform we’ve created a solution for continuous vital monitoring. By utilizing our platform you’ll be able to access accurate real time data to analyze and find trends on any device.








API/SDK Integration

We offer API/SDK integration so that our platform may to fit your health monitoring needs. Whether it’s for arrhythmia detection or sleep apnea our team of medical experts and engineers will work with you to seamlessly deliver biometric data that is reliable and affordable.


For more info please contact: [email protected]





Hospitals/ Care Homes

Doctors and nurses can can utilize our platform to monitor their patients health status remotely, gain access to real-time accurate data to better analyze and monitor patient’s health conditions, detect mental and health concerns earlier and be warned or quickly alerted of patients health conditions.



Health professionals can utilize our platform to continuously track patients activity or vital signs anytime anywhere, gain more insight into patient's state of health to arrive at a more conclusive diagnosis earlier, and help prevent health issues from magnifying through early detection.



Researchers can utilize our platform to easily gain access to historical health data to preform analytics and studies.